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Stephen Davis

Medium: Photography

Medium: Photography


Landscape and Natural History Photographer producing Limited Edition Fine Art Prints for sale.  Having worked in nature conservation for thirty years I know dedicate myself full-time to producing Photographic Fine Art Prints.  As a Photographer I am am interested in creating images that give expression to the sublime beauty and wonder of the natural world.

I am drawn to subjects that have inspired me, given me great joy and nourished my spirit throughout my life.  In particular our Ancient Woodlands, meadows and, native wild plants and butterflies.  I am committed to using photography to support wildlife conservation through illustrating and communicating the beauty and essential value of the nature.  As a community I believe we have an important role to play in fostering a deep love for the natural world, and in promoting the essential need to maintain and support nature in the face of many environmental challenges.  A healthy, vibrant, rich natural world is fundamental to all our wellbeing.  I am eternally curious and fascinated by the perpetual cycles of change exhibited by nature, at all scales.  I am just as drawn to the dew drops on a butterfly’s wing as I am by the ethereal beauty of a misty woodland.  I’m influenced by the cycle of the seasons, the natural growth patterns of plants and animals, and the complex habitats and ecosystems they occur in.  I hope to give expression to, and provide inspiration to others who seek beauty in those quiet places where we can rest peacefully within nature’s rhythm.

I have developed a number of core Photographic Projects that have enhanced my appreciation and understanding of some of our most vulnerable habitats, and species, and where time spent in contemplation has given me the greatest personal joy.  These include a study of the Ancient Trees of Savernake Forest, Ancient Hay Meadows and native British Orchid Species.






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Recently Awarded Second Place in the International Garden Photographer of the Year, Trees, Woods and Forests Category. IGPOTY 17.


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Space Guide

  • Standard Space (2.5m x 2m)
  • Standard Space + table (2.5m x 2m, table approx 185cms x 75cms)
  • Professional Stand – 1m deep x 2m wide x 2.3m high. The stands are covered in black fabric and can be nailed or screwed into. The stands also come with a table and black table cloth.