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Polly Gough

Medium: Print Making, Mixed media

Medium: Print Making, Mixed media


Polly is an artist printmaker specialising in collagraphs and inspired by her love of animals, myths and stories. Underpinning her work is a passion for experimentation, texture and colour which finds expression in this versatile and exciting medium. 

The prints are all individually inked then pulled by hand, using a traditional etching press and produced in very small limited editions. Polly often produces ‘varied editions’ (marked V.E.) where the same plate/matrix is used to print from, but each image is unique because of changes in the way the plate is inked and wiped or the colourway used. 

Polly first developed an interest in printmaking while doing her National Diploma in Fine Art at Bath College of Further Education. Polly went on to achieve her B.A. from UWE in Drawing and Applied Arts, where she specialised in printmaking, experimenting with many different printmaking techniques. During this time Polly also attended residential printmaking courses with Master Printmaker Peter Wray every summer for four years and it was this that inspired her enduring love for collagraphs.  


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Space Guide

  • Standard Space (2.5m x 2m)
  • Standard Space + table (2.5m x 2m, table approx 185cms x 75cms)
  • Professional Stand – 1m deep x 2m wide x 2.3m high. The stands are covered in black fabric and can be nailed or screwed into. The stands also come with a table and black table cloth.