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Louise Golder

Medium: Painting, Drawing, Watercolour, Oil Painting, Mixed media

Medium: Painting, Drawing, Watercolour, Oil Painting, Mixed media


When I was 6 my dad was removing an Anderson Shelter from our garden. He had lined up the stone slabs and he gave me a piece of chalk and told me to draw. Ever since then I have been captivated by the potential of the blank canvas and the joy of making an image.

I love to paint and draw intuitively, starting with free flowing watercolour and inks, letting the paint find it’s own path before gently working with what it has given me to find my image. I like to let the paint lead and suggest the direction of my piece because the colour and textures it produces are beautiful in themselves and I want to retain their expression.

When I use Watercolour I respond to the immediacy and unpredictability of the medium. The movement of the water adds life and energy to the process and the work. As an artist with Chronic Fatigue this energy draws me in. In this practice I have learnt to work fast and use the speed to my advantage, to retain the spontaneity of the work

Connection with the plants and flowers in my garden, the surrounding landscape of Bath, and the people I care for are my subjects.


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BA (hons) Silversmithing and Jewellery


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Marsh Mallow

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Space Guide

  • Standard Space (2.5m x 2m)
  • Standard Space + table (2.5m x 2m, table approx 185cms x 75cms)
  • Professional Stand – 1m deep x 2m wide x 2.3m high. The stands are covered in black fabric and can be nailed or screwed into. The stands also come with a table and black table cloth.