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Hollie Molloy

Medium: Oil Painting

Medium: Oil Painting


I am an oil painter with a love of birds and animals and the stories that they can tell. I was always taught in writing to ‘Show, not tell’ and I think that translates perfectly into art. To tell a story through one image is something I find exciting. I love the idea of bringing the outdoors into people’s homes with my paintings and I believe that a connection with nature is really important to our mental and physical wellbeing.

I particularly love oil paints as a medium because of their depth, vibrancy and the way that they allow me to build a picture through many layers, each one revealing a little more of the subject. I sometimes do not know what the final piece will look like, but let the paint work intuitively to see what it becomes. I find the process calming and meditative, especially when it comes to adding in the fine details towards the end.


I currently work from my studio in Wiltshire.



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Space Guide

  • Standard Space (2.5m x 2m)
  • Standard Space + table (2.5m x 2m, table approx 185cms x 75cms)
  • Professional Stand – 1m deep x 2m wide x 2.3m high. The stands are covered in black fabric and can be nailed or screwed into. The stands also come with a table and black table cloth.