Artist Profile

Hayley Stockwell

Medium: Sculpture


Hayley Stockwell is a Cotswolds based artist renowned for her unique handmade flowers, drawing inspiration from the enchanting woodlands and the dark myths and magic they harbour.

Her artwork, often tinged with a macabre beauty, delves into the themes of witchcraft and folklore, capturing the mysterious and mystical essence of nature.

Each piece reflects Hayley’s deep connection to the natural world and her fascination with the darker side of it’s stories, offering a captivating blend of the eerie and the enchanting.

Hayley meticulously crafts her handmade flowers using cold porcelain and acrylic paint. Each petal is shaped and formed by hand, ensuring a unique character and authenticity in every piece. To enhance realism, she intentionally incorporates small flaws and imperfections, mirroring the natural beauty found in wild flora. The final touch of acrylic paint brings each flower to life, capturing the intricate details and subtle nuances that make her creations so enchanting.


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Space Guide

  • Standard Space (2.5m x 2m)
  • Standard Space + table (2.5m x 2m, table approx 185cms x 75cms)
  • Professional Stand – 1m deep x 2m wide x 2.3m high. The stands are covered in black fabric and can be nailed or screwed into. The stands also come with a table and black table cloth.